Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guest Post- Green Dog Wine

Note from Bite Buff: Just a quick update on my status...recovery from the surgery is going well. I head back to the surgeon today to get the last of the stitches removed- yay! I have a few more weeks ahead of me before I'll be back to 100%, but I hope to be fully blogging again very soon. I've missed it! Thank you again to all of my fabulous guest bloggers. You're doing a great job of keeping my readers entertained. I've got at least one more for ya coming up. But today's guest post comes from Allison over at Green Dog Wine...

Hiya Bite Buff Readers! My name is Allison, and I’m a fellow Cleveland Blogger! I write the blog, Green Dog Wine, and have the pleasure of knowing Katrina both professionally (blogging) and personally! I’m absolutely honored to be guest posting here!

When I was stressing out thinking about what my guest post should be – I had no idea what direction I wanted to take it – do you want a recipe? Do you want dog insanity? Do you want a restaurant review? (Do you get a feel for what my blog is about now?! :lol: )

Then it hit me.

Spicy Oats.

Every time I make this beautiful dish:
I have someone either:
A: Barf and/or making gagging noises
B: Ask me: “How do you make those – I MUST know how!!”

For a long time now – I’ve only been able to respond with a quick note, and link to this recipe (which is the ghetto “make it at work” version – still delicious, but not as good as “home made”).

So without further ado – Spicy Oats V2.0Homemade!

Ingredients you’ll need:
You could definitely use whatever oats you like, or are comfortable with cooking, but since I found these “Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats” at TJ’s last year – I haven’t looked back! (Nor have I bought a container of Old Fashioned Oats!)

For the egg preparation – you can use whatever method you feel comfortable with – I always go with one of two options:
1. Cooking them in a pan
2. Poaching them in the microwave with my Egg Poachie

I always get the water boiling first, while I’m getting all the other supplies ready:
(Dirty burner pans OPTIONAL. Funny thing is – I actually took the time to turn them around because the dirt was all under the front burner and I thought “Oh I don’t want people to see what a terrible housekeeper I am!” – and really, turning it around just made it WORSE! I digress...)

Once the water comes to a boil, add the desired amount of oatmeal, reduce heat and cover:
After the oats have been dealt with – I get the egg going (whether it be in the microwave or on the stove):
Optional: Dirty glares from tired, still half asleep dogs, saying “Where the heck is OUR breakfast, woman?”

After about 7-9 minutes (for the Quick Cook TJ’s brand), the oats should be done! I always like to uncover, and let sit for a few minutes so it can sort of thicken up! (perfect time to finish packing your lunch, or brush your teeth, or any of those other AM things you need to take care of!)
After the oats have thickened – add in desired amount of Frank’s sauce (in my case, TONS!):
Optional: (Depending on how much you like your family/co-workers?) Onion related spices.
Last but not least – throw the Morning Star Sausage patty in the microwave for 45 seconds!

Combine oats, egg, and sausage in bowl – top with additional Frank’s (if you’d like), and whatever seasonings you’d like!

Other variations/toppings I’ve added in to spice it up even further:
• “The Heat Is On” Peanut Butter from PB&Co.
• Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge
• 2 eggs, no sausage
• Sriracha

The possibilities are endless! ENJOY!


Green Dog Wine said...

YAY! :) So happy the stiches are gone - can't wait to have you back at 100% :)

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i think i became in love with allison's blog because of this very dish.