Friday, November 5, 2010

Guest Post- Mile 26 and More

Hi Bite Buff readers!

My name is Heather, and I blog over at Mile26andMore. I met Katrina through one of our many CLE blogger dinners and have since had the pleasure of getting to know her one on one (she's so sweet!). Whenever I need a recommendation for a restaurant, I always know to contact Katrina. This girl knows her stuff! So when my husband and I were celebrating our 2 year anniversary a week ago and wanted to try somewhere new for brunch, I remembered Katrina mentioning how much she and "R" enjoy Tremont Tap House. So Tremont Tap House, it was!

First of all, I have driven past this place AT LEAST 20 times and never knew this is where the Tap House was! The only reason J and I knew this particular Sunday was because the Garmin told us to stop. However, despite the lack of a sign, we were pleasantly surprised when we entered.

The restaurant is small, but very inviting. The long bar and exposed brick really add to the charm. And since it was a nice day, they actually opened the big window behind the bar (like a garage door!) so we could enjoy the weather. It was a nice surprise.

Being that this was the close of Cleveland's Beer Week, J decided to stray from his norm of no flavored beer and tried a pumpkin ale. (I decided to stick to water since I had just run 8.5 miles that morning!)

This is the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

Here's what he thought:
Hehe. I think this beer may have actually convinced him that he needs to try more flavored ales!

Now, let me explain that the beer tasting all happened before we even got our food. Katrina was right when she said that you don't go to the TTH for the service, you go for the beer and food. I was crabby and STARVING by the time our food arrived. Running over 8 miles will do that to a girl. :)

Since J reviewed the beer, I figured I'd review the food.

I ordered the blueberry and granola pancakes with a side of fresh fruit. I have to say, at first bite I wasn't so sure. But after a few bites in I was in LOVE. They really load up the blueberries - just what I like!! I had no trouble putting these down.

Wow, they were fantastic. Light and fluffy, but still dense with great texture from the fresh blueberries and crunch from the granola. I was really impressed. They tasted 100% homemade, like my grandma had made them for me. I left there with a happy belly. I love when that happens. :)

So, I guess Katrina knows what she's talking about when she reviews restaurants. That's what Bite Buff is all about, right? So, take a look around her blog and check out her reviews. She won't steer you wrong!

A big thanks to Katrina for having me. Now stop reading and go grab some grub!

From Katrina- Thanks for the guest post, Heather. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the Tap House. It is certainly one of our favorite spots in Tremont. Do I spy a chorizo burrito hiding in the background of your pancake shot? Mmmmm...

And a very special Happy Birthday (on Saturday) to our guest blogger, Heather!


Heather said...

Haha, thanks for the birthday wishes, Katrina!

And you are totally right about the burrito - Jay said it was the best he's ever had! :)