Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Taste for Your Buds

Only open for lunch Monday-Friday from 11AM-2PM, family-owned and operated Tastebuds in Cleveland has quite the following. Tucked away in an industrial warehouse, near Asiatown and bordering downtown, it certainly isn't easy to find. But word does spread quickly amongst people that work in the area- at least that is what happened to me. The whisper of "Tastebuds" on my co-workers lips almost felt like a secret they were letting me in on. You see, our office used to be much closer to the restaurant and it was a daily hot spot for many of our employees. But then we moved a little further east, and trips became infrequent. It took about two years of being employed there before I was finally introduced to this great lunch joint.

But that one trip was all it took for me to understand.

Tastebuds offers a range of gourmet salads (which I hear are amazing), soup, pizza, hot sandwiches, wraps, desserts, and daily specials. You may find it strange, but I have only tried one dish in all of my lunch trips. Other items are always tempting, but at the suggestion of a co-worker...I ordered the warm Greek Pasta with penne tossed with Roma tomatoes, spinach, artichoke hearts, black olives, red onion, olive oil and garlic and then topped with grilled chicken, feta, and pine nuts ($9.50).
This dish has great flavor and texture, and is truly unique. The spinach, pine nuts, and feta cheese are my favorite components. When paired with the pasta, you get a mouthful of creamy, crunchy goodness. Lucky for patrons, it is a daily special and always available.

The restaurant is colorful and fun, decorated with vibrant artwork done by the owner/chef herself. Once you order at the counter (from one of the lovely McGinty family members) and receive your food, it's seat yourself and please remember to pick up your table after you finish. Also, don't forget to grab one of their homemade chocolate chip cookies by the register on your way out. They are a perfect balance of a crispy outside and soft (almost undercooked, but in a good way) center. They are hard to resist!

So if you are in the area for lunch, go check out Tastebuds instead of nearby Superior Pho, #1 Pho, and other Asiatown options. This restaurant is worth finding in my opinion.

Tastebuds Restaurant
1400 East 30th Street
Cleveland, OH
(216) 344-1770

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alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i love love love love this place.

i went there on my first day at t::t and have been going ever since!

also, and i'm not that girl who corrects other bloggers but it's AsiaTown ;)

and because it's you i can tell you that, haha.

Bite Buff said...

Hehehe, you can correct me anytime. :) And I thought that it was Asiatown, but Tastebud's website called it Chinatown. I figured they knew better than I did, but guess not! Thanks for clarifying. I fixed it in the post, just for you.

And we should meet for lunch there one day!