Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brunch with Blends at Flying Fig

I feel like I have been writing about brunch a lot lately. I do love a good brunch, but it makes me feel kind of old. Maybe it is the impending birthday next week that is contributing to that as well!'s another brunch post, but this one is slightly different because I was dining with some of my fantastic "blends" and one of my very best friends. Girls' brunch!

Allison, Heather, Suzanne and I try to get together for dinner and drinks every so often, and while trying to plan a trip to Umami in Chagrin Falls (which we still need to do, ladies) the concept of brunch was brought up and we immediately jumped all over it. Karen Small's Flying Fig in Ohio City across from the Great Lakes Brewery was suggested, and I was actually surprised to learn that they served brunch. Turns out that it was a pleasant surprise.

We gathered last Sunday at 11:30AM...
Coffee and waters were ordered, and our glasses/mugs were never empty. Even though we stayed at the restaurant for close to 3 hours. Now that's service! Four out of the five of us ordered the Migas ($11)- local eggs scrambled with tortillas, peppers, scallions, roasted chili, aged cheddar, tomatillo cilantro salsa, crème fraiche, and breakfast potatoes. For an additional $2 you can add house-made chorizo, and two of us did that, including me.The dish had a great use of texture, and each bite was unique. While there was not as much "heat" as I had expected, the subtle flavors were nicely balanced and one component did not dominate the plate. I really enjoyed the tomatillo cilantro salsa, and anything with crème fraiche is usually a thumbs up in my opinion. Although, I did feel that the dish cooled down too quickly. Overall, I think all four of us enjoyed it. But I was eyeing Suzanne's pancakes, which says a lot because I don't typically like them. Of course, the real star of the meal were the Tempura Battered Green Beans ($7) with ponzu sauce and pineapple caramel. These are a "must order" anytime that you are at Flying Fig.

So it was a great Sunday morning spent with hilarious company, delicious food, and wonderful (and patient) service. It left me already looking forward to our next excursion!

Flying Fig
2523 Market Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 241-4243

*group photo stolen from Allison at Green Dog Wine