Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Trip to Paris, Uhhh I Mean Ohio City

If you follow this blog on any sort of regular basis, then you are very aware that "R" and I love brunch. There is just something about waking up on Sunday morning and heading out for some delicious eggs, toast, hash browns, chorizo burritos, breakfast sandwiches, crab Benedict...see, I could go on and on. My mouth is watering...

Ohio City has several great Sunday brunch spots, but one of them that we hadn't been to was Le Petit Triangle Cafe on Fulton Road. I had heard about their amazing crepes, home made croissants, and unique Parisian atmosphere...but some regular go-to's close by had kept us away for too long. So we decided to change that recently.

The restaurant is near Johnny Mango's and Momocho on Fulton, and street parking was not too hard to find. As we entered, I was immediately struck by the restaurant's shape. The interior is seriously a triangle. Hence the name, I guess. We settled into a table by the front window, and started with a French Press for Two.
When it came time to order food, I knew that I had to try a crepe and order a croissant on the side. I decided to get the Mushroom Roquefort Crepe with scrambled eggs, sauteed creminis and tangy French Roquefort ($9).I love bleu cheese, really I do, but the Roquefort did overpower the other ingredients so this crepe is not for anyone that doesn't truly appreciate a strong bleu. But the crepe itself was light and fluffy, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I should have asked for the croissant to be served un-toasted, but that was my fault. I couldn't truly enjoy its freshness and soft "pillowy" texture once it was toasted. "R" opted for the Stuffed French Toast with raisin walnut bread layered with sweetened chevre, maple syrup and fresh fruit. He was pretty quiet through the meal, and from the bite that I stole...I could tell that it was good.

While this won't take the crown away from some of our favorite local brunch spots (Tremont Tap House, Touch Supper Club, Lucky's Cafe), I know that we'll be back. Maybe when we're in the mood for a trip to Paris, but realize that we are broke and live in Cleveland.

Le Petit Triangle Cafe
1881 Fulton Road
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 281-1881


The CFT said...

Love that place. Really great outdoor seating in the summer and too often overlooked.

Bite Buff said...

CFT- I'd love to try their dinner menu as well, and I've heard that the wine tastings they host are fun.