Monday, July 11, 2011

Scratch another one off the list...Lolita

#10 - the Reader's Choice - restaurant on my 2011 "To Dine" list was Michael Symon's Lolita. It was the closest to home, but yet the only Symon restaurant that I hadn't been to in Cleveland.

Well, I finally made it a point to get over there recently with two friends for Lolita's famous Happy Hour.With $2-$5 drink specials, and five menu choices for $5 a really is a great deal. I settled on the "Lolita's Choice" white wine for $4, and it was a dry blend with a light, crisp finish - just my kind of white wine.

Since two of us had never been there before, we wanted to try a couple of the $5 dishes so we shared the Lolita Burger with bacon, aged cheddar, fried egg, and onion.I also got a pea spread with grilled flatbread...I wasn't expecting the Lolita burger to arrive on an English muffin, but it was a nice surprise and a welcomed change from your standard bun. The egg was cooked perfectly, so just the right amount of yolk ran through the center of the burger when we sliced into it. Overall, I was happy with the burger. The pea spread was alright, but not something that I would order again.

So, the meal was pretty darn good for $10 in food (and I won't mention how many $4 glasses of wine we had, hehehe). I loved the atmosphere of the modern, yet warm and inviting, bistro. Why haven't I been here before?!

900 Literary Road
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 771-5652


Cleshopaholic said...

I LURVE Lolita happy hour!! Even more when it's reverse happy hour!!

CLEgal @ Why CLE? said...

So glad you enjoyed! Their happy hour is fantastic (and their regular menu is awesome too)!

Bite Buff said...

I am already looking forward to going back! Maybe for a blogger happy hour - sounds like everyone likes it there?! :)

Unknown said...

I have no objections to any menu at Lolita!