Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today's Taste of Tremont

Two hours left of one of the best summer street festivals...Taste of Tremont. So go get your butt down there if you haven't already!Approximately 30,000 people will fill Professor Avenue today from noon - 8PM to experience samples from area restaurants, purchase items from specialty vendors and pop-up boutiques, and possibly even come home with a furry adopted friend. Taste of Tremont has it all.

Personally, I sampled a pierogi from Sokolowski's and mac n' cheese from Lolita. Yum!It's hot, and parking is a nightmare...but this summer festival is so worth it! Did you attend? What was your favorite dish?


Sarah said...

I also had the mac & cheese from Lolita, and the sweet potato tots from Dim and Den Sum...the lobster/watermelon gazpacho from Southside, and the Chicken Spring Roll from Bac. ALL yummy :)

Ryan said...

Loved the chicken tacos from Farenheit and spring roll from Bac. Sweet potato tots sound great, wish I would have seen those!

Christina K said...

I think this blog convo is longer than the one we actually had in person Saturday! :)

Loved the sweet potato tots from Dim and Den Sum and the Lolita mac and cheese. I kept missing Sokolowski's tent, so no pierogi for us. I wanted to try Southside's watermelon gazpacho, but never made it back there.

Unknown said...

I braved the heat since I would not miss it. I wish I went earlier though since Fahrenheit was out of chicken tacos. I think my favorite had to be the sweet potato tots from Dim and Den Sum.

Bite Buff said...

Man, I guess that I missed the boat on the tots!

Glad to hear that everyone else enjoyed it as well.

Christina- We'll get our IRL conversation one of these days. :)

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

It was so hot, I'm still amazed I was able to eat anything at all. I had an ear of roasted corn from Fresh Fork (pretty tasty) and the veggie pad thai from Ty Fun (excellent except for the tofu pieces were very dried out). Hans enjoyed his slice of pizza from Edison's and the chocolate covered banana from Tremont Scoops. We weren't feeling their ice cream flavors that day, but the banana was great!