Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wood Fire Grille Adds Flavor to Avon Lake

When Bar Symon pulled out of its Avon Lake location, people wondered what would replace it. Well, local catering company Flavor the Town (which I have written about before) decided to open up a restaurant in the space...the Wood Fire Grille.With some minor renovations and their own flare, I think they've settled in quite well. I had a great experience dining there a few weeks ago, and personally think that it was a perfect addition to the area. We were quickly whisked to the spacious, gorgeous patio (with a nice outside bar area), and each started with a (CHEAP) glass of wine. With both of us living within the Cleveland city limits, we couldn't decide if this was "suburban" pricing or just darn cheap pricing from a new restaurant that hadn't figured out yet that I would happily pay twice the amount for that glass of wine. If the latter is the case, then let's just cross our fingers that they don't figure it out!

We both wanted to try several of the small plates and starters, so we decided to share our entire meal. We ordered the Artichoke Dip ($8 but half off during Happy Hour) with warm bubbly cream cheese, artichokes, topped with cheddar cheese, tomato, black olives, and scallions served with pita chips.I've had this dish of theirs at a tasting event, and it was just as good as I remembered. Next up was our "main course", which consisted of Crabby Cakes made in the New England tradition with blue crab and Old Bay seasoning with spicy mayo ($9). Baked Macaroni with smoked gouda, cheddar and fontina cheeses ($4). Our friend that had suggested the restaurant claimed that this mac 'n cheese was better than Lucky's Cafe. I wouldn't give it that rating after trying it for myself, but it might be #2 in my opinion!And we also shared a side order of the Wood Grilled Marinated Asparagus ($5). All of our selections were served piping hot and packed full of flavor. I though the pricing of the food was very reasonable as well, and we walked away with a cheap bill, great summer evening spent on a patio, and promises to come back soon.

Wood Fire Grille
32858 Walker Road
Avon Lake, OH 44021
(440) 777-4108


Anonymous said...

Try the risotto cakes the next time you're there'll like them.

Bite Buff said...

I actually had them at an event that they catered, twice, and they were fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Some of the reviews were not very good. Already had a groupon... so we decided to use it... WOW! This place is awesome! The food was fabulous... the decor was terrific... lights everywhere but subtle, and candles on every table... the ceiling was really cool... and the food was to die for! Even the veggies had a wonder smokey flavor... We will be back... the steak prices were pretty high, but everything else on the menu was very reasonable... can't wait for summer when the patio is open...