Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fat Casual BBQ

This past Friday brought my first trip out to Fat Casual BBQ in Macedonia. Known for their traditional BBQ, and famous prime rib on Fridays...I couldn't wait, and I don't know what kept me away for so long.

Sadly, the Friday prime rib special is suspended for now. After three weeks of hardly selling any orders and losing money on the meat, they have decided to stop serving it for a while, with plans to bring it back as we get closer to the fall season. I certainly understand the decision, but man was I disappointed!

Luckily, many of their menu options sounded appealing. I didn't have to think too hard though, because chef/owner Scott informed us that the ribs were about to come out of the smoker. Done deal.
I ordered a half rack, and a couple of side dishes to share.
The sides comes in two sizes, and the regular (small) was enough for us to share. The cole slaw could have used more flavor. It was pretty bland and served a little too room temperature for my taste, but it helped balance the bold flavors of the rib rub and sauce. The mac and cheese was creamy, and reminiscent of Velveeta. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but worth noting. The baked beans was by far my favorite side dish. Smokey with great texture, I was fighting "R" for bites.

Now, on to the ribs. Scott stopped by our table once the food had arrived, and besides a wonderful history lesson on pork and traditional BBQ, he also explained why Fat Casual has had to "teach" Ohio what true BBQ should be. Apparently, Ohioans tend to prefer a sweeter sauce and boiled ribs so that the meat falls right off the bone. This is not what you'll get at Fat Casual, and this New Yorker was just fine with that. Am I still a New Yorker at heart? I'm having a bit of an identity crisis with this one. The rub was my favorite part of the ribs. I wish they packaged and sold it.

So, for a good BBQ meal this summer when you don't feel like cooking it yourself...just head to Fat Casual BBQ. Or, stop by Lion on Lorain on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland because you can find their meats on the menu right now. I'll probably hold out on another trip back to Macedonia until the prime rib appears again!

Fat Casual BBQ
223 Highland Road
Macedonia, OH 44056


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

Darn! I missed the prime rib! Maybe when it's on the menu again, we can make a date of it. I've been dying to try it. I absolutely love the sweet potato salad - yum!

Bite Buff said...

They have since closed.