Friday, July 6, 2012

Lunch Box Deli

I like sharing undiscovered gems with you best. The big-name, flashy restaurant-of-the-moment is always fun to go check out, but I truly enjoy finding small places that I've never heard of before.

For those working in the area, Lunch Box Deli in Brooklyn Heights is well-known. Soups, salads, wraps, and sandwiches are made fresh daily.
Located on Schaaf Road, next to South Hills Hardware, this cash-only lunch spot is tucked away in what looks just like any other residential house on the street. Once inside, you're greeted with a smile and lots of choices for lunchtime fare. The bread is always fresh, each sandwich is made to order, and service is so quick that you can be back to work in no time.

A Turkey, Ham, and Swiss sandwich will run you $6.10, or a Chicken Salad Sandwich (too much mayo for my taste) for just $4.70. Sides like potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad, or cole slaw are also available for 95 cents. They always have a soup of the day, and other specials running. Dining Deals Alert!

You may not find yourself in this area often, but if you do...stop on in for a quick bite at a reasonable price.

Lunch Box Deli
223 W. Schaaf Road
Cleveland, OH 44109


bonnjill said...

I like their liverwurst - served with big rings of onion and mustard. This place is down the street from my grandparents' home, which we sold last year. I would drive past it all the time and got intrigued. I've eaten here several times. It's definitely a hidden gem.

Bite Buff said...

I'll have to try that!

Dine O Mite! said...

My F-I-L's office is not far from from LBD. I don't know if you work over there or what, but Gourmand's down in Valley View is (I think) the best sandwich shop in the entire city. LBD does a solid job for what it is. Gentile's Bakery & Deli over on Broadview rocks out some good sandwiches, too. For what seems to be a bit of a wasteland, the Old Brooklyn/Cleveland/Valley View area does have some great lunch options.