Monday, October 15, 2012

Edwins Launch Party

EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute is gearing up to launch their unique non-profit concept in Cleveland, and last night brought us a fundraiser and official Launch Party in the eclectic home of Christopher G. Axelrod in the gorgeous condos at One Bratenhal Place.
Over 100 guests wandered through the rooms, admiring Axelrod's collections and furniture, and sampling food from some of Cleveland's best chefs. Each room brought us new surprises, and plenty of food to try.
After having some fun with the chefs supporting the cause, like Chris Hodgson from Hodge's (who was cooking up some rich and delicious gnocchi on a massage table),...
...a few speakers presented information about the Institute, and why they have gotten involved. "We have all made mistakes. Just some of us have gotten caught." So true. Everyone deserves a second chance, and that's just what EDWINS intends to do for its students as they provide housing, support services, and training for a career in the culinary industry.

Learn more about the cause, the restaurant that will be open to the public, and how you can help at They are working hard to open their doors, and you can get in on the ground floor as they form and work towards changing lives in Cleveland.

EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute
12026 Mayfield Road
Cleveland, OH 44106