Monday, October 8, 2012


Yesterday's rain did not keep "R" and I from attending the West Side Market Street Fest and Parade in Ohio City. The free festival was open to the public, and despite the weather-- people were still out in droves to support the West Side Market's Centennial Celebrations. Spirits were high, and we still managed to make a good time of it.

Bundled up in layers of clothing, and my fleece poncho (which basically felt as cozy as wrapping a blanket around myself)-- I was ready to hit the streets. The neighborhood's restaurants and vendors lined West 25th Street, and it was so easy to sample food and check everything out. We started with sharing a cheesesteak sandwich from Light Bistro, and a taco from Flying Fig. Then it was time to pop over to Lorain to watch the parade. I loved seeing the community organizations and West Side Market vendors march by proudly. The vendors received loud cheers from the crowd! Many of them have been housed in the market for decades.

It was chilly yesterday, and the rain wasn't clearing up, so we ducked into Light Bistro for a bite to eat. I love their Brie and Apple sandwich on the lunch menu. A warm cup of coffee, and chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven hit the spot.
Back out to the craziness of West 25th Street, we met up with friends at ABC the Tavern to watch the Browns lose (again). A little more perusing of the street vendors, and then a cocktail in Crop Bistro as we waited for a cab ended our Sunday out in Ohio City. We were cold, wet, and tired...but loving every minute of it. It was great seeing the market open on a Sunday, so many people out and about despite the weather, and the energy surrounding the Centennial Celebration. Now, I just can't wait for the People's Party and the Gala in November!

Did you attend yesterday's Street Festival and Parade?


Amanda @ Clue Into CLE said...

What a full day! We got a couple of beers, tried Nano for the first time and ducked into the Market for a few. We had been out in the cold all day on Saturday so ended up heading home after a few hours. Was happy to still see so many people out and about, though, in spite of the weather!

Jen @ Why CLE? said...

It was such a fun event, despite the weather. We ended up hopping from indoor spot to indoor spot mostly. Those cookies look amazing...they would have been the perfect end to our afternoon!

Alana said...

i wanted to go...but dean won me over with homemade sauce, pj's and red wine!