Monday, November 12, 2012

Delmonico's Steakhouse

This weekend was relatively low-key for us, which was great. Friday, I wasn't feeling well and had to skip Alexa's event at Noodlecat. It led to some pho from Minh Anh. Soup just always makes everything slightly better when you're feeling ill. Plus, my $6.75 Large Pho Saigon gave me three meals out of it! (Dining Deals Alert!)

Saturday morning, I managed our weekly team run for the Liver Life Challenge program. I have the best team, and coach, this year! They are nine weeks into the program now, and absolutely killing the training and fundraising. The group is just awesome, and we're going to have a great time in Disney for the marathon in January. After our monthly team breakfast at Yours Truly after the run, I did some shopping with a friend (but couldn't find anything that I was looking for). By the time I got home, it was almost dinner time and we didn't have a plan (or groceries). "R" was suddenly craving a steak, so we decided to try Delmonico's Steakhouse in Independence.

Part of the Hospitality Restaurant Group (Blue Point, Salmon Dave's, Cabin Club, Rosewood), it's the closest to home for us but we've both never been. The atmosphere was exactly what I expected-- dark woods, deep red leather booths, retro furnishings and decor, and a real "old boys' club" feel to it. A classic steakhouse. We didn't have a reservation since it was an impromptu date night, but after only a few minutes we were seated in a booth in the bar area.

We decided to try the Bocce Balls with sweet peppers and herbed boursin cheese, flash fried ($7). The dish included five small balls, a marinara sauce, and some grated cheese. Personally, I though that the balls were bland and the sauce was too sweet. I couldn't find the flavor of the peppers, and the cheese had completely melted into a watery substance that squirted out the side of the ball when you tried to snag it with your fork. Big disappointment.

"R" was in the mood to splurge, and I wasn't fighting him when he encouraged me to order the Surf and Turf special of the night.
The lobster tail was one of the biggest, and best, that I've ever had. It was so delicious. The garlic mashed potatoes were very garlicky, but I enjoyed them. A standard classic. Luckily, there were only two asparagus spears, because they were incredibly boring and mushy, yet al dente at the same time. It was so weird, and I quickly moved on. The filet was cooked medium-rare, as requested, and was it was a decent steak overall. The Bearnaise sauce served on the side was creamy and rich, but I personally feel that a great steak doesn't need a sauce and should be able to stand on its own. All it needs is a little pepper or minimal seasoning to really be a great steak, in my opinion. This steak was a little under seasoned, and benefited from the sauce.

"R" ordered the Double Cut Filet with the seasonal vegetables and mushroom risotto as sides. He loved the seasonal vegetables, a medley of squash, zucchini, and roasted red peppers, but the mushroom risotto was terrible. It was watery, and bland. Notice a theme of the meal? Not worth the $6 side dish charge, for sure.

Overall, our bill was just over $125 before tax and tip. Certainly a "splurge" night for us, and we left feeling underwhelmed by the food. Which is never how you want to feel when enjoying a nice night out. I think that there are much better steaks in Cleveland, so I wouldn't recommend Delmonico's. What restaurant in the Cleveland area has your favorite steak?

Delmonico's Steakhouse
6001 Quarry Lane
Independence, OH 44131


Alana said...

i hate when a splurge meal is a disappointing meal!

our fav steak spot is probably Strip. Ruth's Chris is amazing, too.

Heather said...

I wonder if R was craving a steak since me, him, and Annie were talking about steaks at breakfast! :)

Bite Buff said...

So I have you to blame, huh! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just had a great filet from White Oaks in Westlake.

Red Steakhouse did not disappoint either, had an awkward seat though. I've never understood the "wall-of-booth" seating.

Anonymous said...

I've only eaten at Salmon Dave's, but off that experience, now that I know they own Delmonico's I wouldn't go there. I that location, too, the food is bland and overpriced.

Tammigirl said...

We have never had a disappointing meal at Delmonico's! I'm sad that you did, because it's one of our favorites.

What's missing in Cleveland are impressive desserts. Cleveland needs more crepes Suzette. :)