Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Shopping

I have actually gotten a jump start on my Christmas shopping for my family (and "R") this year, which never happens. In the past, I've liked to use for inspiration. It still led me to some great ideas this year, but now I am also using Pinterest. Ahh, Pinterest, what did we do without you?

I wanted to share a few fun ideas for the foodie in your life...

Cocktail Buffet Plates
These are great to have at parties when everyone is standing around grazing! You don't have to worry about finding a place to set down your wine glass while you eat.

Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Personally, I love to add cucumber to water for a refreshing beverage. But the possibilities are endless with this pitcher.

Auto-measure Spice Rack
This rotating rack is idiot-proof for the foodie who may not be the best home cook (cough,, or just plain easy to use for the frequent cook.

The Sriracha Cookbook
My favorite condiment! I can only imagine all of the tasty, and spicy, recipes in this book.

Have you found any great gifts for the cook, craft beer lover, wine aficionado, or lover of all things food-related this season? Please share! I still have a ways to go before my shopping will be done.