Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stonehouse Grill- Goodbye 2012

This is it...the last blog post for my 2012 "To Dine" restaurant challenge. Technically, I still didn't complete it again this year, because Sullivan's closed. I am plagued to never fully complete my lists, but I keep trying. So, here it is-- Stonehouse Grill.

"R" and I headed there last Friday evening. The entry area was packed when we walked in, but the wait was only about 15 minutes because we were willing to take the first available seating. This ended up being at a high-top table in the bar. Not my ideal choice, but the chairs had appropriate foot rests and I could sit there comfortably. At 5'3", that's not always the case.

They have a pretty extensive menu of bar favorites and classic comfort food. Several tips on Foursquare suggested the Spinach and Artichoke Dip with spinach and artichoke hearts blended with creamy cheeses, and served with either baked pita bread or tortilla chips ($8.49).
Personally, I loved that they offered two kinds of "dipper" options. I don't care for tortilla chips, so having a choice was appreciated. It was a large portion (great for sharing), and the ratio of pita bread to dip was perfect. It was a hair garlicky, but it had great flavor and my only suggestion would be to bake it to get a nice, golden crust on top.

"R" and I both ordered fish. He opted for the Friday Fish Fry with a breaded and deep-fried white cod filet served with choice of potato and cole slaw ($12.49). This item is on their regular dinner menu, but only available on Fridays. To be honest, the brick of cod that arrived was a little scary looking. It looked a little too processed, and "R" really didn't care for his meal. The cole slaw was bland and watery, and the sweet potato fries were nothing special.

I, instead, went for the special of the day-- Perch Fry ($14.49).
For two dollars more, it came with five large pieces of perch and a side of steamed vegetables instead of the cole slaw. The steamed vegetables were a little boring and overcooked, and the side of frozen French fries was unremarkable as well. However, the fish itself was lightly breaded and cooked well. I enjoyed the fish, and it was more than enough to take home some leftovers. Well worth the extra $2, and much better quality fish than the cod.

The restaurant, and bar area, were brightly lit and very comfortable for all ages. It has a slight Irish feel to it, with a lot of Americano decor scattered around. They have a decent-sized parking lot out front, so we found a spot with ease even on a busy Friday night. Our server was attentive, but did forget to bring us a side dish that was requested. At least it wasn't on the bill. Worth noting-- "R's" Thirsty Dog draft beer was on special and only $2 for a pint.

Overall, it was fine and just that. A neighborhood joint with some classic comfort food at a reasonable price. It's safe to say that I personally won't be back, but judging from how busy it was at 9:00PM on a Friday night-- it's a popular spot.

Goodbye 2012 "To Dine" list! Hello, 2013 challenge.

Stonehouse Grill
24850 Center Ridge Road
Westlake, OH

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Alana said...

this is one of our neighborhood spots! we like to go and just sit and the bar - it's nice and cozy!