Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tremont Scoops- New and Improved

"I scream, YOU scream, WE ALL scream for ice cream!"

Who doesn't love ice cream? I'm not even remotely a "sweets" girl, and I don't particularly care for rock-hard ice cream, but I do love a cold scoop of creamy ice cream or frozen custard during the warmer months. Now "R" on the other hand could eat ice cream every day of the year. I've even witnessed him stop at two different ice cream shops in one day. He may be addicted.

Lucky for us, Tremont Scoops was recently purchased by a group of folks that we call friends. Not only is the location very close to home for us, but the fresh new look and fabulous new ice cream will be drawing us in this spring/summer.

They may have a new look and a new ice cream distributor, but it still maintains that nostalgic neighborhood feel. And the trademark metal cone out front is still there, with a fresh coat of paint!
It's never looked better.

I was surprised at the wide range of flavors available, many of them gluten-free and a few vegan options as well. They also offer different cone options, and other frozen treats, milkshakes and sundaes. The chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick was simply sinful!
We were there for the Family/Friends Opening party last night, and had the chance to sample several of the flavors.
They were all so smooth and creamy, and I was an instant fan. Note---That's Superman ice cream in the bottom left corner. I know that flavor can be hard to find.

So, congratulations to this team of friends that have bought, renovated, and re-opened a neighborhood staple in Tremont. Best wishes for successful scooping. You'll certainly be seeing our faces a lot this summer! Everyone, go check them out on Professor Avenue in Tremont. The official opening is this Saturday.

Tremont Scoops
2362 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113


Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I'm really looking forward to trying the "new and improved" - I was never a huge fan of it before. I'm w/ R - I could eat ice cream every day!

Alana said...

i like my ice cream melty, too. can't wait to check out their new digs.

Kristian said...

Are the flavors traditional or Jeni-esque? What did you try?

Bite Buff said...

More traditional flavors, but a lot of options. I had a dark chocolate, something walnut, and the salty caramel truffle which was my favorite sample of the three.

CallMeSu said...

I was in Tremont on Friday to dine at Southside and I saw this place! I love ice cream and so do my guys. I'm definitely going to try it. Thanks for writing about it!