Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm Alive!

Sorry, readers. It's been a whirlwind of work events for me lately. That, on top of coming down with a week-long head cold, has left me tired, sick, with a lack of time, and unmotivated to blog. But, I have one more 100-person conference to host tomorrow, and then I'm D-O-N-E with the craziness for a while.

I don't talk about my job very much on here. However, I do have to quickly highlight the fabulous chefs that helped to make our annual Flavors of Northeast Ohio event a huge success on Monday.
17 talented chefs from some of our area's best restaurants each delighted a table of twelve guests with a unique theme, table décor, and menu. Their creativity just amazes me each year. Some of my favorite table themes were:

"Superheroes" from Adam Bostwick at Cork & Cleaver
He even constructed skyscrapers to surround the table, and sent each guest home with a superhero lunchbox filled with goodies.

Toast's "Country/Farm" theme from Jennifer Plank (they took home the title in our Vitamix Chef's Competition).
The jean pockets won over the judges. Their attention to detail carried the theme throughout the whole table and staff attire.

Chef Anna's (Good to Go Café/Anna in the Raw) "Garden of Eden" had her guests dining under a twinkling tent.
Last, but certainly not least, I loved Chef Jeff Jarrett's (AMP 150) strategic theme of a "Race Track", since his table sponsor was Penske Automotive and Honda.
Every single one of the tables were gorgeous, and thoughtful. However, the chefs really shine when it comes to the food. Guests enjoyed a five-course, wine-paired meal from their chef. I heard nothing but rave reviews. I was even able to sneak a couple of bites once the event concluded. Thanks, Jeff, Adam, and John!

With the help from my participating chefs, our guests, volunteers, and my planning committee...we were able to raise $68,400 for the American Liver Foundation. That beats our $59,000 total from last year! A lot of work goes into this event, but it's totally worth it when everyone enjoys themselves and we raise critical funds and awareness for the organization.

Now, sleep.