Wednesday, October 2, 2013

@CLEDinnerClub Takes Us Behind the Scenes

Last month's @CLEDinnerClub outing was special. Organizer, Joe G., worked with local author Laura Taxel to take the group on a guided tour of the West Side Market...after hours!
We had the place to ourselves, and it was breathtaking. I saw little details of the market that just get lost in the hustle and bustle of shoppers crowding the market during open hours. Usually, I tuck my head down and navigate my way around to the vendors that I need.
The clean-up after the fire has left the place stunning; unearthing all of these details and color that had been long covered in soot. The vendors that were affected heavily from the fire are all up and running again, with replacement signage and d├ęcor, like this guy...
I was in awe wandering around the market. I wish the tour had been longer! I was dying to see some areas that aren't open to the public too, but alas. Then the group headed over to Market Garden Brewery for the standard four-course dinner that the @CLEDinnerClub events typically include. I've only had average experiences at Market Garden Brewery in the past, but this time I really enjoyed the meal.

I didn't care for the salad course (too boring and not enough dressing), but the duck breast course was all fall-like and delicious.
Then, came the show-stopper. A perfectly cooked scallop over a corn and crab risotto.
I wanted an entire plate of them! So many of my favorite ingredients all in one dish. This isn't on their current menu, but it should be. Hint, hint. Hands down, this was the best food that I've had from this restaurant. Great job. We also received a signed copy of Laura's book on the West Side Market. I can't wait to sit down with it.

If you still haven't joined a @CLEDinnerClub event, what are you waiting for? Joe is bringing the group to Zack Bruell's Cowell & Hubbard on October 22nd. Bruell can do no wrong, and you always have fun meeting new people who share a love for good food. RSVP here.

No disclosure here. I happily pay to attend each and every one of the @CLEDinnerClub events! I look forward to them every month.