Sunday, September 15, 2013

We're a Browns Town

Last Sunday kicked off the Browns tailgating season for us. I really don't care much for the sport, or attending the actual game. But, I adorn my Browns gear in the fall, enjoy myself tailgating, and then people-watch throughout most of the game. It's really the tailgate that I look forward to, and "R" always puts out quite a spread. He took on the role a long time ago as "host" for his friends, and my friends have joined us along the way. Now we've got a great group formed, and always some new faces at our tailgates as well.

After loyally tailgating in The Pit for years, we moved to the Dock 20 lot of The Port Authority last year. The Pit just took the fun out of it with their $5 charge for pedestrians, $30 price tag for parking, and strict rules about where to park and what you could do in the lot. We're much happier at the Dock 20 lot now. Gorgeous views of the city, water by our side, and more space to spread out our ever-growing group and festivities. We need room for giant Jenga and cornhole!
Although, it does get windier down there. I had to keep telling myself that it was "pepper" in my Bloody Mary.
We all must have been in a Bloody Mary mood, because several of us brought the makings. It turned out to be a pretty impressive Bloody Mary bar, and we had all kinds of fun things to add. I found my new tailgate drink of choice!

"R" made cheesesteak sandwiches for everyone, and friends brought all kinds of breakfast goodies, side dishes, and sweet treats. It was quite the spread, and way too much food. That's typical. But, we had a great time (despite the wind), and it kicked off another fun tailgating season.
Go Browns!

Do you tailgate? If so, where, and what do you love about it?


Sourire11 said...

Looks like so much fun! I've never actually been Browns Game tailgating *hangs head in shame* Someday!