Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Toast Saturday Brunch

There are not enough Saturday brunch locations. Here is a blog post that I did a while ago that lists a few options, but there are never enough, in my opinion. So, when the relatively new Toast in the Gordon Square area announced that they were going to start hosting Saturday brunch recently, I was pumped.

This past weekend, we popped in for an unplanned brunch with a friend, and enjoyed their back patio and our meal quite a bit.
I'm on board with any brunch that starts with a French press coffee. The sun was shining, but there was plenty of shade on their patio.

The Brunch menu isn't huge, but I think anyone could find something appealing. I was torn between the Savory Crepe, Farm Egg Omelete, and the Lox Bagel. I zeroed in on the crepe, but found out that the ramps had been replaced with asparagus. Hmmm, then it just didn't interest me as much, so I quickly switched my order to the Lox Bagel. This would be the first time that I was ever ordering lox outside of New York City. They just do it best!

The Lox Bagel is served with an everything bagel from Cleveland Bagel Co., chive cream cheese, caper, red onion, and house red sauce ($11).
This smoked salmon was mild and thinly sliced enough that even this self-proclaimed "salmon hater" enjoyed it. The capers, hot sauce, and fresh red onion and greens were great on the lightly toasted bagel. It was still chewy with some crustiness, and I was having flashbacks to NYC visits.

We also ordered a side of the Bacon to share.
It was a thicker cut than your standard breakfast bacon, but they still achieved the crispness that I prefer.

"R" got the Omelete, and enjoyed it. However, he felt that the price point for that dish was too high. It was a medium-sized omelete, with no sides included, for $12. The addition of a piece of toast, a side of easy fix. 

What a great spot, and a welcomed addition to the Saturday brunch options around town. Have you been to Toast yet? We've been in for a special event, and now brunch, but not dinner. I need to change that. Their seasonal approach to the menu, and commitment to local product, is not only commendable, but delicious. 

1365 West 65th Street
Cleveland, OH 44102


Angel said...

You are right. I know brunch is a Sunday thing, but to me it makes more sense on Saturdays (schedule).