Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cleveland Oktoberfest 2014

Cleveland's Labor Day Oktoberfest is happening all weekend long at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea. Admission is only $10 for adults ($2 off if you purchase online in advance), and parking is free. The event features food vendors, German and craft beers, live entertainment, a large kids zone, a cool sand sculpture, flea market, and...wiener dog races.

"R" and I met friends there yesterday, for a brief, but hot and sweaty time. I had two goals:

1. Watch the wiener dog races.
2. Eat a schnitzel.

The second goal was accomplished in even a way that I hadn't imagined possible. The menus of each food vendor are posted on the event's website this year, which is great for planning out your stops. First, I was drawn to Schnitzel & Giggles due to their playful name.
Secondly, they were serving Schnitzel-on-a-stick, people! I do love me some meat on a stick.
There just aren't enough meats on sticks in this world.

We did manage to also share a corndog. Another meat on a stick, hooray.

"R" doesn't discriminate, and he'll just eat anything on a stick. Including the Cheese-on-a-stick, which is a giant hunk of Swiss cheese, dipped in corndog batter, and fried. This gooey blob was better than I had anticipated, and I stole two bites.
Three food items on a stick. Mission accomplished. 

This did leave us pondering what other festival food items could be served on a stick...

For some polka, beer, great people-watching, and all the German food you can eat, head over to Oktoberfest today or tomorrow.

How are you spending your Labor Day Weekend?


Kristian said...

Schnitzel on a stick sounds like a great idea! Especially with some German mustard to dip it in.

eatdrinkcleveland said...

This post is a riot - love it!! 3 foods on a stick - #winning!