Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pupuseria Katarina

As we've been exploring Old Brooklyn on our bicycles, we had one stop that was on the "must-try" list. After reading about Pupuseria Katarina in Scene, I was dying to try it. It was located just minutes from our house, and I'd never had Salvadoran food before.
The restaurant sits back from the road, nestled in between a couple of other run-down looking businesses. Plenty of parking in the lot in front of the restaurant. It is about a half mile north of the Broadview-Brookpark intersection.

The small place was clean and inviting inside, with music playing, flowers on the table, and a warm greeting when we entered.
We were left to browse the menu, and plenty of it sounded tempting.
But, we were there to try the griddle-fried pupusa. They are inch-thick corn pancakes stuffed with various fillings and fried on a griddle. They are each just $2. We were stuffed after splitting six of them, and walked away with a bill + tip for under $20. Dining Deals Alert!
We tried the Garlic, Jalapeno, Cheese, Pork, Spinach, and a specialty one that included a native flower (I forgot the name, sorry!). Pupusas are always made and fried to order, and served with crunchy cabbage slaw and a thin, mild tomato sauce. We told our server that we like spicy things, so he provided us with a jar of pickled vegetables that had some kick to it. The only one that we didn't care for was the Jalapeno. It was packed with fresh, diced jalapeno, and the spice level overwhelmed everything else. 

What a find in our neighborhood! A great spot for unique, comforting food at a steal of a price. 

4848 Broadview Rd. 
Cleveland, OH