Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sal's Menu Restaurant

Ohhh heeey. Just checking in here, during an absolute crazy time at work. Tis the season for non-profit outdoor fundraisers. Our window of time is very tight in Ohio!

But, I bring to you today another recent diner excursion. Mr. H and I have driven past Sal's Menu Restaurant a thousand times. It sits near the corner of Denison Avenue and Pearl Road/West 25th Street, just before the bridge by the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

There are a couple of parking spots in front of the restaurant, but you're more likely to find parking in the small lot located behind the building.

The diner is small, with outdated charm and a long traditional counter with a front-row seat to an open grill.
We settled into a booth, ordered drinks, and started to look at the menu.
If you're ordering a OJ...the "large" is a regular glass and the "small" is the teeny, tiny pour pictured above. Perfect for what I wanted, but Mr. H went with the large.

Mr. H ordered an omelette. Strange...but they wouldn't add gyro meat to it as requested, and instead served it to him on the side. Maybe no substitutions at all? 

I stuck with my traditional two eggs over-medium with wheat toast, home fries, and bacon. When ordering bacon, they ask you if you want it soft, medium, or crispy. I love it! 
I ordered the bacon crispy, and as you can see...crispy it was. Maybe a tad too much. The eggs were cooked perfectly, but the potatoes were under-cooked. I need to remember to ask for them well-done. I blame my dad. He makes quite the home fries!

This plate of food was pricier than the same at other diners, and while decent, nothing really stood out as memorable for us. Dining Deals Alert! So, another day, another diner.

Where should we head now?

Sal's Menu Restaurant (no website)
3850 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109


Adam said...

Have you been to Nick's Diner on Lorain yet?

Bite Buff said...

Adam- No, I haven't. Thanks for the suggestion!