Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nick's Diner

Our diner adventures continue. This past Saturday, we found ourselves on Lorain Avenue at Nick's Diner.
This guy greets you from the curbside.

It is a small, colorful place.
The left wall is lined with booths, and a few tables line the right wall. But, if you find yourself seated at one of the center tables, you'll be dining with your table neighbors. A little too close for comfort.

The menu includes classic breakfast and lunch items. Nothing special stood out, except maybe a more extensive Skillet section than your average diner.

Coffee arrived piping hot.
Service was very slow. Something about "her section is the middle one, so it takes the longest," which doesn't really make sense to me, but oh well.

Mr. H ordered an omelet, which arrived a little over-cooked, and without the side of Sausage Gravy that he had ordered and was listed on the check. A side of sausage links appeared instead, but we didn't bother to swap it.

I decided to order an Egg, Sausage Patty, and Cheese Sandwich, and I swapped the standard sliced bread for an English Muffin for a $1.25 up-charge. What I didn't realize is that the sandwich contents were not going to fit inside of the English Muffin.
This picture doesn't do it justice. There might have been three over-medium eggs jammed in there. The two sausage patties were cooked beyond their life, and the English Muffin was hard to cut through. It was a pretty terrible sandwich, and certainly the worst meal we've had during these recent diner excursions.

This stop was a one-and-done for us. I won't go back. I just stared longingly across the street at Platform Brewery, knowing that they were serving a much better breakfast over there. There's also Jack Flaps just down the block from Nick's. My advice, head to one of those.

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Nick's Diner
4116 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113


CLEshopaholic said...

UGH... i hate disappointing meals! I hope you did go over to Platform or Jacks Flaps for a redo!

Bite Buff said...

No, but I'll know better next time!