Monday, June 22, 2015

The Coney Company

We were busy working on our backyard last week, and in need of a quick bite close to home. On our way to Home Depot, we swung through The Coney Company on Broadview Road in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood.
With the look, feel, menu, and service of a fast food restaurant, it's actually locally-owned and operated. The brother and sister team are originally from Michigan, and the restaurant's concept is based on the popular Coney Island restaurants located in the Metro Detroit area.

Open from 9:00AM - 9:00PM on most days, they actually serve breakfast all day. Which I love! You can also choose from Snacks & Sides (like hand-cut fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, mac n' cheese bites, wing dings, and nachos), Salads, Soup and Chili, Sandwiches, Pitas, Meals (like meatloaf, and chicken tender dinner), Boardwalk Burgers, and then Company Classics.

We went with Company Classics. I ordered a Coney Dog. I mean, the restaurant is named after it, so I had to try it, right? It's topped with chili, mustard, and onions ($1.79). Dining Deals Alert!
I made it a meal, and added Fresh-cut Fries and a Lemonade. This picture makes them look larger than they are. They are more like shoestring fries, which I really HATE. Even with the side of malt vinegar to dip them into, these just didn't do it for me. I also didn't love this dog. The flavor of the chili was overpowering, and I got tired of it after a couple of bites.

Mr. H got the Fish Dog, which just sounds gross. Please consider a name change.
It's just a breaded, fried fish fillet with American cheese slices, shredded lettuce, and a small amount of tartar sauce ($2.69). It tasted as sad as it looked, unfortunately.

He also ordered the Polish Boy, a sandwich that Cleveland is known for. It is a spicy Polish sausage topped with coleslaw, hand-cut fries, and BBQ sauce in a steamed bun ($3.99).
 Other than it being very messy, he enjoyed it.

Me? I just enjoyed watching him try to tackle eating it.
Don't tell him that I posted that.

This was our second time dining at The Coney Company. On our first visit, we had used the drive-thru window, which is incredibly convenient. Luckily, we were headed straight home that time, because as you can see, they can be messy to eat. I had ordered the Kraut Dog that time, with sauerkraut and stadium mustard, and I much preferred that dog over the Coney Dog.

With the ease and speed of fast food, but knowing that it's locally owned and operated, it's not a bad option for a quick, cheap meal. It's close to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, if you want to avoid the McDonald's trap there.

The Coney Company
3330 Broadview Road
Cleveland, OH 44109


Anonymous said...

I have a blog post scheduled for Aug. 16. I too liked the Polish Boy. I didn't mind the Coney Dog. But I was less impressed with the Bacon Wrapped Fryer and the Chicken Tenders. I need to try their McDowell and French Toast Dip before publishing it. I too am meh on it. It's clean and affordable, but wouldn't make a special trip.