Monday, May 23, 2016

Hot Dog Diner

I can't even tell you how many times I've driven past the Hot Dog Diner and Burger Co. in Parma. And, it always seemed to be closed. Hours are 10:30AM - 7:30PM Tuesday-Saturday, so I guess that we were always driving by on Sundays or Mondays or late in the evening, but it was starting to become a mystery to us.

Until, Mr. H and I decided to grab lunch there last Saturday.
The exterior feels like it was a Taco Bell in a former life.

The interior is cheery, and diners are greeted with chalkboard menus and silly quotes lining the walls. But, it does still feel like a chain fast food restaurant in there.
Mr. H zeroed right in on the Classic Gyro with meat shaved off the cone.
In my opinion, it looked like a sad sandwich. I don't think it was anything to write home about. We're both still heartbroken over Fergie's closing in Parma. The BEST gyro ever.

I had to stick with the traditional hot dog section of the menu, since we were in a place called the HOT DOG Diner.

I ordered the Slaw Dog with cole slaw, mustard and onions ($2.44 - Dining Deals Alert).
And the Windy City with neon relish, mustard, onions, sport peppers and celery salt ($2.54).
It looks like there is no hot dog in there, but trust me, there was. There was just quite a lot of toppings on each, which made them messy to eat but tasty. Beware, the Windy City toppings were really spicy hot and I had to pick a few of the peppers off. I love spicy foods, so you know that's saying something.

While places like Happy Dog and River Dog will reign supreme on their gourmet toppings, the fabulous dipping sauces for the tots, and atmosphere, when I want a hot dog...I want a hot dog. I actually don't care for the dogs themselves at Happy Dog at all. So, this lunch satisfied a craving for a true American hot dog, and I finally got to step inside the elusive Hot Dog Diner.

Hot Dog Diner
5495 Pearl Road
Parma, OH