Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cincinnati Eats

A recent work trip took me to Cincinnati, and Mr. H was along for the ride. My #1 Volunteer! We usually try and find a fun meal or two to have during any work trip, and this time we headed to Over the Rhine in Cincinnati on Friday night. We started at The Anchor, but our appetizers were so ho-hum that we immediately aborted our plan, paid the bill, and headed to Salazar down the street for the remainder of the meal.
The "New American" restaurant had a lot of things that sounded really great on the menu. Since we'd already had appetizers, we just ordered two small plates to share. We did the Grilled Pork Belly with Chinese BBQ sauce, and fresh herbs ($7).
The Asian-inspired sauce was bold in flavor and was great with the rich pork. We also ordered the Duck Leg Rillette with pickled red onion, jalapeno jam, and blue oven toast ($14).
Also another enjoyable dish, and this quick meal certainly left us wanting more from Salazar.

During our trip, we also stopped at the relatively new Court Street Lobster Bar for a lobster roll.
Diners get your choice of Maine or Connecticut style lobster rolls. Helloooo, warm and buttery Connecticut style. They have additional appetizers, soups and salads, rolls and sides. It's a casual spot, where you order at the counter and then grab a seat at the bar or one of the high booths. It's a seaside vibe, and while the lobster roll wasn't the quality we experience in Maine during our visits, it was reminiscent and made me even more excited for our August trip.

Another highlight from the Cincinnati trip was a stop at Sundry and Vice for some craft cocktails.
Their cocktail menu is on-point! Highly recommend.

Any good "foodie" trip to the Cincinnati area includes a shopping spree at Jungle Jim's.
It's a Sam's Club on steroids of international foods and beverages. You can get lost for hours in there. We walked out with several sauces, spices, and dry goods to try at home.

So, overall a successful work trip, and quite a bit of food fun squeezed in!

1401 Republic Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Court Street Lobster Bar
28 W Court Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Sundry and Vice
18 W 13th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202