Thursday, July 27, 2017

Weekend Bites

Last weekend started off as soon as 5PM hit on Friday. It's been an extra crazy, and stressful, time at work lately. So, a margarita was just what I needed. Cozumel in Independence has my favorite Chiles Rellenos (now called Chiles Poblano there), and trust me, I've tried quite a few around town.
On Saturday, I was supposed to head out east with a friend to tour the wineries and have a picnic. The weather had other plans for us, so we headed to the Cleveland Museum of Art instead. That included brunch at Provenance first. We both started with a Pro Bloody Mary ($13) that has a signature blend, Thirsty Dog stout, garnish, and bacon. Mmmm, bacon. I had the Crab Cake Sandwich ($15). It was quite large and had a side of potatoes, so I took the top off the bun and then it was just right for me. I also left most of the potatoes behind, simply because it was a lot of food. It was a substantial portion for the price.
Then we burned off a few of those calories wandering around the museum. This view always makes me stop and pause. How lucky is Cleveland that most of the areas of CMA are totally free and open to the public?
Sunday brought us cheese. As in, making our own mozzarella at home. Turned out pretty well! This time of year, I crave a Caprese Salad.
Sunday also finally brought Summer Smorgasbord street fest from the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation. A portion of Pearl Road and Memphis Avenue were shut down from 5PM - Midnight for food trucks and vendors, Kids Zone activities, a stage with live music, a beer garden, wine from the new Vino Veritas Cellar, and a movie showing at dusk.
We had a blast, from the dunk tank... the food...
...and beers from Sibling Revelry in between. We ran into neighbors and friends, and did it all within biking distance of our house. This will become an annual event now, and personally I already can't wait until next year.

Monday morning came a little sooner than I had hoped, but it was a darn fun weekend so no complaints!