Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Weekend Bites

The weekend particularly flew by this past one. Not sure why, but Monday came sooner than it felt like it should. We were busy around the house, but still managed to squeeze in some fun. This kicked off with a Block Party at Cleveland Jam in our neighborhood on Friday.
It was free to attend. They brought in live music, a food truck, a BBQ food station, and other local craft businesses to set the tone for a laid-back evening on the lawn of their retail location on Schaaf Road. Of course, their shop was open as well, where you could sample and purchase their goods. We picked up the new Raspberry Jalapeno and one of their Tango Mango Habanero.
They plan to host two more this summer, on August 25th and September 29th.

On Saturday evening, we did one of our favorite "night in" dates by making two appetizers to graze on while we hung out, sipped wine, and enjoyed the front porch.
We adapted this recipe for Roasted Pineapple Whipped Ricotta Toast with Sea Salt by adding a touch of honey into the ricotta and by adding prosciutto to the mix.
It also needed a bit more salt than the original recipe called for, but once we topped it with some Himalayan pink sea salt, it was quite good. Easy to make, and could rest at room temperature, so it'll be great for parties.

Mr. H also started a little food project at home. One that I hope doesn't kill me. He's done a ton of research, purchased all kinds of gadgets, and ordered meat from Pinzone's Market Fresh Meats to...dry age beef in our basement.
Fingers crossed. We'll let you know in about a month.

We ended the weekend with another little kiddo's birthday party, filled with laughter from the pool, all kinds of snacks, and a stunning birthday cake from Luna Bakery & Cafe. Another good summer weekend on the books!