Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gas Station Hummus

If you belong to any of the "foodie" Facebook groups in Northeast Ohio, or if you tune in to local news stations recently, you may have heard buzz about a certain gas station hummus. Yes, you read that correctly. GAS.STATION.HUMMUS.

Could the hype be true? Is it really some of the best hummus in our region? I was skeptical.

Well, thanks to some dear friends that gifted it to me on my birthday, I finally tried it for myself.
The short answer is...yes. Go get some.

I had the Dill Pickle and the Pomegranate. They both were very good, but the Pickle in particular just seemed to disappear. That pita too, wow. It was so soft and was right up there with best pita I've tried from any vendor, any city.

Now that just left me wanting to try more flavors, and more foods, from the Sunoco Cafe Olmsted Falls. Not a statement I ever thought I'd see on this blog, but hey, the quest is for the best. Wherever that may take us.

The good news is that the original location in Olmsted Falls is also now delivering these products to some other local Sunoco stations. But, you'll have to check with the source to verify if there is one near you. I'm not going to attempt to list the locations I've seen swirling around Facebook and Twitter.

So, have you joined the hummus hype yet? What are you waiting for?

Sunoco Cafe Olmsted Falls
9796 Columbia Road
Olmsted Falls, Ohio
(440) 235-0351


Bite Buff said...

Note: I heard that the hummus is not delivered to the other gas stations within the family. The original location taught the recipe to extended family that operate other stations. So it may be similar, but possibly not exact. Either way, I’ve heard that the other locations are quite good too!