Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Weekend Bites

With a new puppy in the house, we can't be gone long. But we figured out plenty of quick little outings this past weekend to still enjoy.

That started on Friday evening with my first church fish fry, ever. We went to Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Old Brooklyn. They offer three types of fish, all of the traditional sides, desserts, and more. We both ordered the Beer Battered Cod. It comes with two sides, so I got the pierogi and cabbage and noodles. The fish was nice and crispy, but overall everything lacked seasoning. It was a pretty flavorless plate of food, and no salt to be seen. I can't say that I'd recommend this fish fry.
But the evening quickly redeemed itself, as we made it to Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. just before closing to grab some gooey, stinky cheese and a fresh baguette.
I spent Saturday morning at Spa West. As I settled in for my massage and facial, I thought to wasn't that long ago that a Saturday St. Patrick's Day would have meant a super early start on drinking and festivities in Downtown Cleveland. But, here I am.

Well, I had to make up for that by scooting over to Dina's Pizza and Pub in the neighborhood for a green beer and Reuben.
Good thing we had a big lunch, because Mr. H had decided to tackle making Beef Wellington at home for the first time that night. It took four hours, and we ate at 10:30PM, but it was worth the wait!
We popped out for brunch at The Black Pig in Ohio City on Sunday morning. Their toad-in-a-hole hit the spot, as did the Bloody Mary!
While grocery shopping at Heinen's after brunch, I couldn't resist some spring blooms to brighten up the kitchen table.
But, the best part of the weekend was more time with the new pup!
She's stolen our hearts, and I almost forgive her when she poops and pees all over the house.