Thursday, April 26, 2018

Weekend Bites

Well, it's now waaaay late in the week, but I still had to share what Mr. H and I were up to last weekend, because it was a good one. At one of our stops on Saturday, someone asked how our day was and what we had been doing. We listed it all off, and they said "Wow, that's like a perfect Cleveland day." I agree.

It all kicked off on Friday evening with one last stop at Coquette Patisserie. This lovely French-themed shop is closing its doors this Saturday with a farewell event. We've loved this shop, and just had to take the opportunity to enjoy their macarons, oysters, and wine one more time to say goodbye.
Waking up on Saturday morning to the sun streaming through the windows and this adorable face staring at me was a great start to any day!
Mr. H and I hurried to get out of the house, and headed to the West Side Market for breakfast at Crêpes de Luxe. Grabbing a crepe and heading upstairs to look out over the market is one of my favorite Cleveland sights to see.
Then, we threw our groceries in a cooler and headed to The Cleveland Flea for the first outdoor market of the year. But, that also gave us the opportunity to pop in to the nearby VNTG Home for the first time. I could browse for hours through their vintage wares. I found some great two-toned chargers that I can't wait to bust out for a dinner party!
Then we wandered down the street to the flea.
I picked up some "plant killer friendly" succulents for my bathroom. Fingers crossed.
After the flea, we headed to Old Brooklyn Cheese Company because it was National Raw Milk Day and they had some great samples going all day long.
After a quick stop home to drop off our purchases, we then headed over to Brewnuts for my first visit. More on that later! I do love that there are a handful of great shops to walk to in the Gordon Square Arts District, including the newer Oceanne Jewlery storefront. Even though I had just purchased a necklace from them at The Flea earlier that morning (shhhh, Mr. H was using the bathroom at the time), I couldn't resist a pair of earrings from the new collection.

This was all before 1PM! So, we hit our bed for a nap, and gained enough energy to head out for a nice meal at Cork & Cleaver Social Kitchen to check out the Spring Menu and cap off the perfect Cleveland day.

As you can imagine, I did almost nothing on Sunday after that busy day! Just lots of puppy snuggles, and our weekly chores to prepare for another week. What's your "perfect Cleveland day" look like?