Monday, April 16, 2018

El Rinconcito Chapin

El Rinconcito Chapin finally opened back up in Old Brooklyn in a much larger space (formally Coney Island Company) on Broadview Road. They had been operating out of a small space for a while, and I had just started to hear about them and their Guatemalan cuisine before they closed. It took many months, but then they opened their doors at the new spot around the holidays.

Mr. H and I just had the chance recently to pop in. We had to take it to-go, because they were about to close early for a family emergency. That's when you truly know it's a family-run business!

What I instantly loved was the picture menu (for most items) behind the counter to help guide you.
We wanted to try several smaller items and do some sharing, so we ordered the Ejotes Empanizados which is queso fresco wrapped green beans breaded and fried with salsa, rice, and beans ($10).
This was a dish I wasn't familiar with, but it reminded me of a chile rellenos.

We also got the Chapin Sampler, which allowed us to try small portions of several appetizers on the menu, like Chuchitos, Dobladitas, Mini Pupusa, Planto Frito, and Yucca Fries ($13).
The last thing we tried was an order of the Chile Rellenos ($10.50). You can get either beef or cheese stuffed poblano peppers with salsa, rice, and beans.
This was the only dish that I really didn't care for. I wouldn't order it again, but everything else I would happily get on our next visit. Plenty more to try on the menu too!

There is ample parking available, as they have their own lot. It's very close to the zoo, and absolutely casual and family-friendly (as it was also a former Arby's location).

El Rinconcito Chapin
3330 Broadview Road
Cleveland, OH 44109


ClevelandPoet said...

I'm all about the picture menus. Looks and sounds tasty.