Monday, May 7, 2018

Kintaro Sushi and Hot Pot

Kintaro Sushi and Hot Pot opened in Ridge Park Square in Brooklyn, and I admit...I judged a book by its cover. The dining options in that area are almost all chain restaurants, and this joint did not look like something I'd enjoy from the outside. But, I started to hear and read some good things online and through social media from other Cleveland "foodie" folks, so it suddenly was on my radar since we live nearby.

Now, the inside is exactly what I expected.
But, the menu offers an all-you-can-eat option ($25.99) for their sushi, appetizers, hibachi, tempura, noodle soup, fried rice, and teriyaki. You simply check next to the items as you go (or by numbers if you want more than one order of something), and the server brings back the same menu if you order other rounds of food. You never lose track of what you ordered, which sometimes can be a problem for me when trying new sushi rolls. What was in that again?
I ordered the Mercedes-Benz (left) and the Acura (yes, they all have car names in the Special Rolls section). I also just ordered some salmon, tuna, and red snapper sushi pieces.
I didn't care for the Acura roll very much, but the Mercedes-Benz roll was enjoyable. What was great was that if you didn't like something, you could leave it and order something else with the all-you-can-eat. Just be careful to not be too wasteful, because they will tack on a fee.

Mr. H just ordered a hodge podge of appetizers, sushi, and one roll. He even ordered the Chicken Nuggets to see what they were like. Just what you expected, classic frozen nuggets. I can't take this guy anywhere.
There was a bit of confusion over whether or not you have to order the all-you-can-eat. You don't, but the menu is the same and you just pay per item. The hot pot seemed to be very separate from the sushi section of the restaurant, and we weren't even asked if we wanted to do hot pot. I'm not even clear on if it's offered all the time or not.

While in some ways it was better than the low expectations I had set, the sushi rolls still do not compare to the quality at Mizu Sushi. Which is just minutes away. I felt dirty cheating on my favorite spot, haha. But, for the price point, you can certainly get a lot of food and a wide variety of items. Our server was also beyond adorable and helpful.

Kintaro Sushi and Hot Pot
7325 Northcliff Avenue
Brooklyn, OH 44144
(216) 459-8862