Friday, May 31, 2019

Zero Zest

I've been in Cleveland for over 11 years. That's exactly how long I've been on the hunt for a good soft serve ice cream, and more specifically...a Flavor Burst. It's what I grew up on in NY, and it's been impossible to find in OH.

But then I saw Jill from Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Eats post a photo on Instagram of a Flavor Burst cone. And it wasn't too far from home!

That led to a Memorial Day Weekend stop at Zero Zest in Parma.
Finally, I had one in hand (small Black Cherry pictured).
While it was a far cry from the rich, creamy vanilla base of my favorite stop in NY, it satisfied the craving and brought back a flood of summer memories.

Mr. H had the Chocolate Covered Pretzel Avalanche. The best way to put it, it was lacking any "zest" and was almost flavorless. Much like the weak vanilla base of mine.

I may stop again if the craving really hits, but some of you all have been chiming in on Twitter and Instagram with other local Flavor Burst joints, so we'll be trying those first. For having "zest" in the name, it certainly didn't deliver that.

6096 State Road
Parma, OH 44134
(440) 886-6473


Mel said...

All I could think about with this review is a reference to Wayne's World: "So it's not just a clever name." lol