Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Michael Angelo's Winery

I finally had the chance to get out to Michael Angelo's Winery in Richfield, which opened last summer.
They focus on small-lot varietals with grapes from different regions. For $16.50, you can get a Flight with four 2.75 oz. pours. Since it was my first time, I went that route and selected the Bianco, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and the Wild Flower Cabernet Sauvignon.
I preferred the light-bodied, crisp Bianco from the whites, but the Pinot Noir was my favorite of the four. All were really easy to drink, and I'd happily head back to enjoy more of their wine in the pretty setting.

The winery is linked to the Bakery in Broadview Heights, so they are serving their signature baked goods and other light fare. It is not intended to be a full-service restaurant. You order your wine at one counter and they pour it right there, and you order food at another counter and it is delivered to your table. Personally, I'd love to see this change, as it's a tad annoying to have to deal with two different counters for ordering. But I don't mind that there isn't table service.

Mr. H ordered the Mahi-Mahi Tacos ($15), and he enjoyed them.
I had my eye on their pizzas, so luckily Crystal from Eat Drink Cleveland (Thanks again for the invite!) was there too and she and I shared the Honey Pepper Bacon ($15) with bacon, kale, and honey Aleppo pepper and the Fennel Sausage ($15) with Stracciatella sauce, fennel sausage, scallions and red onion (pictured below).
The flavors of the Honey Pepper Bacon were bolder but the pizza was lacking enough cheese, so we both leaned towards liking the Fennel Sausage one more. It was perfectly enjoyable, but I'd like to see more sauce (it was a bit dry) and slightly bolder flavor beyond the sausage itself.

I'll be ordering the Charcuterie board next time, because it comes with a whole roasted head of garlic!

The food is above average for a winery not focusing on being a full restaurant, in my opinion. So you can certainly fill your belly and there should be something on the menu for everyone (most dishes serve 1-3 people and can be shared). But you'll be heading there for the wine and the pretty setting. And maybe swing by the dessert cooler! 

There's indoor and outdoor seating, with different types of seating from bar to tables to seating around the firepit. There is plenty of parking available, unless they happen to be hosting a wedding or other large private event. If you have a larger party, a reservation is recommended.

Personally, I think this is a great addition to an area where there just isn't much available. But it's also worth the drive out.

5515 Broadview Road
Richfield, OH 44286
(440) 552-2815


Kimberly Lehman said...

Great review! Thank you for sharing!!

Lesa said...

This sounds like a great place to add to my list. The mister and I are wanting to explore more of the wineries in the area

val@thoughtfulneighbor.com said...

I had the chance to eat here over the summer. Beautiful place and fantastic food - I will definitely be back!

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

I just recently heard of this place for the first time, which is weird because my in-laws live out there! I definitely want to try to meet them out there sometime for dinner & wine, even if the food is light. That pizza looks awesome... & the Honey Pepper Bacon pizza sounds SO good, so maybe I'd ask for extra cheese?