Monday, January 6, 2020

Irie Jamaican Kitchen Opens West Side Location

The popular Irie Jamaican Kitchen in Euclid opened a west side location in the heart of Old Brooklyn recently, and the neighborhood was anxiously awaiting for its doors to open.
Located just moments from the zoo on Pearl Road, and with an approachable "build-your-own" style of menu, it will be a perfect option for families and quick takeout in the neighborhood.
Pictured here is the Jerk Chicken ($9.99) from their "Box It" section of the menu. A generous helping of two meats, it was perfect for splitting for lunch. All "traditional" plates come with a side of Rice and Peas (red beans), Cabbage, and Plantains.
All of the sides were very good and helped enhance the spicy kick of the jerk seasoning. My mom used to cook jerk chicken quite a bit when I was young, so I love it!

We also ordered a side of the Mac & Cheese ($2.50), which was only ok. It just wasn't creamy enough for us.
However, one section of their menu features Mac & Cheese and you top it with any of the meats. I saw one order come out from the kitchen (instead of from the warming trays the side dish was served from), so perhaps the fresher Mac & Cheese is creamier. Something tells me that Mr. H will be trying this soon.

Overall, the food was incredibly flavorful and with generous portions at a low price point. I think it will do well in the neighborhood. I also look forward to customizing my order a bit more with their "Jahpotle" style of choosing up to 4 toppings like cucumber salad, mango sauce, and pineapple coleslaw. We just wanted to stick to the basics this time to get a real feel of the flavors. 

4162 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 291-7488

Irie East
621 East 185th
Euclid, OH


Kate @ said...

A friend of mine just started a new job in Old Brooklyn, so we've decided we're going to get together in that area on a regular basis. We started with Coffee Coffee Cofee - & this is next on our list!

Holly said...

I had not heard of this place before. Thanks for sharing and including some pics!

Abby said...

Omg! I love Jamaican food and it's not far for me either...I'll let you know how I like it when I go

Matt said...

Your blog is awesome! Just discovered it while planning a trip to CLE, and it's been an invaluable resource. Thanks for putting in all the work!