Friday, August 21, 2020

Independence Dairy King

When I posted at the end of last summer about finally finding a Flavor Burst in Northeast Ohio (and that it was a disappointing version), you all rallied and shared a couple of additional ice cream stands that also carry this Central NY childhood favorite of mine.

One that wasn't that far from home is Independence Dairy King (thanks, Alexa!), but it took me until this summer to get there.
Cash and to-go only (a couple of outdoor picnic tables available), they have all kinds of sundaes, malt, custard desserts, milkshakes and other frozen sweet treats.
But I was there for the Flavor Burst! For just $1 extra, add a swirl of flavor to the creamy, rich vanilla custard. I chose Black Cherry (Small- $3.75). IT WAS ALMOST AS GOOD AS THE ONES AT HOME! *Rejoice*
We've been back 3 times already this summer. Mr. H continues to try a variety of menu items...
...but I just go for my fix of Flavor Burst. Suddenly, this pandemic summer isn't so bad.

6484 Brecksville Road
Independence, OH 44131
(216) 524-1040