Monday, August 24, 2020

Dreamz Cafe

In looking to support more black-owned businesses, we didn't have to go far because there are several wonderful restaurants, retail shops, and services right in our own neighborhood of Old Brooklyn

A newer business to the area, Dreamz Café, was one we'd been meaning to try. So after a recent morning hike, we placed a DoorDash lunch order. 

The restaurant had just opened for Saturday service and the estimated wait was 35-45 minutes. However, it took 1 hour and 15 minutes before the food arrived (just 2 miles away). It's hard to say whether it was entirely on DoorDash (we went through two drivers and another delivery on the way) or the restaurant (our first driver had sat and waited for a while). So I did privately reach out to the restaurant to share our experience, and the response was very apologetic and appropriate. It's always best to communicate any feedback, so that issues can be addressed. 

We shared the Breaded Shrimp ($9) with fries and an upgraded $1 side of Mac & Cheese. The shrimp were very small and the breading was way too thick, so we really didn't care for these at all. The mac & cheese was a bit sweet for my personal taste, but it was nice and creamy.

Not pictured was an order of the Catfish Bites ($7 for 8), which Mr. H scarfed right down before I could get a picture. But I did snag one, and it was much better than the shrimp. Only complaint? It didn't come with a dipping sauce, but that may have been an oversight since it was takeout.

Overall, this experience didn't leave us with the best impression. However, several neighbors have spoken highly of their own experiences so we'll definitely give it another try.  

Dreamz Café
4912 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 303-9125


Kate @ said...

I loooove fried shrimp - mostly because I love breading, not shrimp... so these might actually be right up my alley?!

Bite Buff said...

Ha! They may. We’re going to give it another try real soon. I always want the businesses in our neighborhood to survive and thrive.