Thursday, April 22, 2021

Gyro Guys

Surprisingly, there are still a few eateries in our neighborhood that I haven't tried yet, and Gyro Guys was one. Right on Pearl Road and owned by two brothers, I've driven by countless times. Mr. H had been a long time ago, but it was time for a Saturday lunchtime visit after being inspired by our friend and neighborhood Kate Warren (who is running for Cleveland City Council, yo!) when she posted a picture on Instagram of her favorite order.

It was much larger inside than I expected, with plenty of seating for dine-in. You order at the counter (he was so nice and helpful for this newbie!) and get to watch your food be made.
I had to go right for the Original Greek Gyro ($6.95) with layered beef and lamb served on a warm pita with onion, tomato, lettuce (which I omitted), and their homemade tzatziki/cucumber sauce. Kate's pro tip: Add feta cheese!
Their slogan is "It's All About the Sauce!" and honestly, it doesn't do it for us. The thicker, creamy texture I do appreciate. I hate when tzatziki is watery and runs all over. But, theirs doesn't pack the bold flavors of garlic, herbs, and an acid that we really love. We like it pretty extreme, and Mr. H has mastered a recipe at home. 

Otherwise, the meat is flavorful and moist. The pita was lovely, and there was a generous portion of all toppings without being excessive. The only real miss for me were the Fresh Cut Fries ($2.75 for Small), as they were too crispy and seasoned with a very heavy hand. I like 'em salty, but these crossed that line for me. 

While it may not quite have stolen the title of "top gyro" for us (Fergie's will forever be #1), it was a solid gyro that I'll happily order again. But I'd love to try more of their menu. Thanks for the reminder that we needed to check this spot out, Kate!

Gyro Guys
4348 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 739-3033