Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Skyway Drive-in Restaurant

You know, sometimes you try a new-to-you restaurant and it just isn't for you. Unfortunately, that happened for us with an impromptu lunch stop at Skyway Drive-in Restaurant in Akron when we scooted down there for our second COVID-19 shot. 

I've followed Skyway on Instagram for a while, and I felt like they are very similar to our beloved Swenson's. The classic drive-in setting with runners coming out to your car is just fun! So we were happy to give it a try.

We started with an order of the Mini Corndogs ($2.99) with ketchup for dipping. What's your corndog sauce of choice? They were definitely the best thing we ordered.
We got a side of Aunt Ruth's Famous Homemade Onion Rings ($3.49), and my apologies to Aunt Ruth...but I've had much better onion rings. They were cut so thin and over-fried that I just didn't find them all that enjoyable. 
I had to go with their Sky Hi Sandwich ($3.99), which is "Our Signature Burger with two of our Jr. patties, middle bun, cheese, lettuce, pickles and our famous Sky Hi Sauce!" It sounded like their version of a Swenson's Galley Boy, which is my go-to order.
A Galley Boy it was not. The bun didn't have that buttered and toasted loveliness that I expected, it was dry overall, the middle bun made the ratio of bread to fillings just off, and the Sky Hi sauce was a watery and bland mess. I was sooooo disappointed. 

Now, Mr. H's Aunt Ruth's Onion Ring Burger ($6.99) with two 1/4 lb. patties with cheese, lettuce, onion rings and famous Sky Hi Sauce was much better than mine. The bun looked buttered and hit on the flat top grill, the meat was juicier, and the sandwich overall had more flavor. But it still didn't live up to my Swenson standards. 

For us, this was a miss. I cheated on my favorite fast casual burger spot, and I paid the price. 

Skyway Drive-in Restaurant
951 East Turkeyfoot Lake Road
Akron, OH 44312
(330) 896 - 9350


Tino said...

I've not once ordered onion rings at Skyway that didn't come out as a greasy (even worse, old brown grease pooling at the bottom of the bag) mess. The rest of the meal, while not as awful as the onion rings, was just never good enough to save the experience. Sadly, I've had the same experience across various locations (when I've gone, I usually go to the Fairlawn location).