Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Crav"ing Summer Cocktails

With the heavy rains a distant memory and temperatures rising in Cleveland, I am seriously starting to crave some patio time and light, summer cocktails on my favorite restaurant patios. What area restaurant has your favorite patio?

Speaking of summer cocktails, recently a handful of bloggers were invited to a private tasting of a new product on the market -- Crav Spirits.Clevelander Tom Rini has created a smooth, boutique vodka that he is quite proud of, and frankly he should be in my opinion. "Made in Sun Valley, Idaho, by Distilled Resources, Inc., Crav is crafted in small batches, not massed produced, lending to its top-shelf status. It is made from winter wheat and ultra pure water, and distilled once using a four column continuous system." We were given a sample to taste without the mixers, and when I buried my nose in the shot glass twice- I still couldn't smell the typical "alcohol burn" that I am used to vodka giving off. I slowly sipped it, and was surprised at how smooth it was.

But, I do have to admit that I preferred it paired with the light, summery mixes that Pier W's bartender created for us. First up was a Raspberry Lime Crav Sensation with Crav Vodka, Fresh Lemonade, Lime Juice, Raspberry Infused Syrup, and a Mint Sprig. Pure, sweet, refreshing deliciousness! This drink reminded me of one of my summer favorites- lemonade and flavored vodka. What's your favorite light, summer drink?Then I tried the second concoction- the Craving Ginger Rogers with Crav Vodka, Ginger and Orange Blossom Infused Syrup, Prosecco, and a Twist of Lime. Again, the cocktail was light and pleasing. Both helped me welcome in the summer season, and the vodka was untraceable to my palate. Just how I like it!This product only JUST became available on the market (for special order) on June 1st! But several local restaurants and bars have already picked up the vodka, and will be serving it starting this month. Here is just a "taste" (pun intended) of these restaurants/bars: Bier Market, Blind Pig, Clevelander, Dante, Dragonfly, Fahrenheit, Flying Monkey, Happy Dog, Lolita, Market, Southside, Sushi Rock, and The Garage Bar...but there are more. For a seriously smooth vodka, ask for Crav.

Thank you to Tom Rini of Crav Spirits, and Pier W for hosting us and supplying tasty, complimentary cocktails and small plates as we sampled the Crav product.


Unknown said...

Both cocktails sound great. Are they only available at Pier W?

Bite Buff said...

They were prepared for our event by the Pier W bartender not the brand, but should be available there since Pier W is one of the restaurants carrying the product. Enjoy!

Alana said...

sad i missed this event! those cocktails sound amazing right about now (at 10am on a judging ;))

Bite Buff said...

We missed you, Alana! And no judgement here. I'm already dreaming of after work cocktails as well.