Thursday, August 13, 2015

Twilight at the Zoo and Hamburger Festival

Our first weekend back in Ohio was a busy one. The first full weekend in August always brings one of my favorite summer events, Twilight at the Zoo. This 21+ event features live bands, bars, and buffets scattered throughout the zoo grounds for an evening of strolling, interacting with the animals, and enjoying a summer night at its finest. This year, we sprung for VIP, and I'd highly recommend it.
Yup, that's me with an armadillo and a cocktail. Not a bad way to spend a summer evening in Cleveland.

On Sunday, Mr. H and I headed to Akron for the National Hamburger Festival. It sounds a little more official than it really is, but it was a nice, small street festival honoring the American tradition of hamburgers.
We stuffed our faces with Cheeseburger Pierogi from The Pierogi Lady, two styles of burgers from Smoke the Burger Joint, and one from Max and Erma's.
I didn't care for the pierogi at all (bland, no noticeable cheese), and the BBQ and bacon burger from Max and Erma's was only average at best (top right).
But, we both really liked the Dirty Vegas with balsamic mayo, spinach, cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions and a fried egg from Smoke (bottom right). I also enjoyed the creamy, cheesy toppings on The Gilroy 5 Cheese Burger from Smoke (bottom left).
Their burgers had good flavor, were cooked to medium rare, and the buns held the messy toppings in as best they could. They even cut them in half, because they knew some sharing was going on. That was appreciated.

The festival is just $10 to get in, and it was a great way to try restaurants that are outside of the Cleveland area. We also just enjoyed walking around on a sunny day, taking in Lock 3 in Akron.
Sunshine, cold drinks, people-watching, live music, and a belly full of cheeseburgers. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday. Look out for this festival next year!

Nothing to disclose here. This post was not sponsored, and I have no affiliation in any way. 


Kristian said...

Did stands still offer the 1/2 burger option? In the past, I found that super helpful.

Bite Buff said...

We didn't see that option listed on menus. Would have been nice! Many weren't even cutting them in half.