Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tartine Bistro Private Dinner

Look, it's all fun and games popping in to new restaurants and trying things for the first time. But, there's something special about the tried-and-true spots that keep you coming back for more. Tartine Bistro in Rocky River is one of those for me.

Fortunately, my friends snagged an auction package at Flavors of Northeast Ohio this fall for a six-course, wine-paired dinner for six guests in the private room at Tartine. We decided to celebrate the January birthdays in our group using this package, and WOW did it exceed all expectations.

Chef Michael Grieve had crafted an amazing six-course (plus two!) meal that showed off his creativity, stunning plating, and all sorts of great pairings. His brother BJ had selected the perfect wine pairings, and left us snapping photos of wine labels so that we could track some down.
While the great company would have been enough for us, we were certainly all bright-eyed and drooling over what was in store for us!
What hit the table first was an Amuse of Duck L'Orange Explosion.
We continued on with the courses, each beautiful and delicious, like the Scallop Potato with creme fraiche, chive, and bacon.
A crowd favorite was the single bite Foie Gras Torchon with blue cheese, citrus, honey, and pickle.
A delicate Foie Gras Torchon with duck consomme, blackberry, and celery followed.
The last savory course was Big Ol' Shrimp with sweet potato gnocchi, pear, rapini and caviar. The shrimp were cooked perfectly, and the gnocchi left us begging for more.
For dessert, a Strawberry Tartare with bone marrow ice cream, lemon, poached apple, and bacon sugar. Yes, BONE MARROW ice cream. a BONE. It was so cool.
The meal and experience was wonderful from start to finish. We had an evening full of deep belly laughs, and the staff were such good sports about our probably rowdy behavior. It's a good thing we were sequestered away in a private room.

If you haven't been to Tartine before, please do. And give Chef Michael a follow on Instagram for some of the most beautiful plating that I've seen in Cleveland. His feed will leave you drooling on your screen.

What's one restaurant that continues to draw you back in?

Tartine Bistro
19110 Detroit Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 331-0800


Kate @ said...

I've never been to Tartine, but these photos have me CONVINCED.

Anonymous said...

I’m glad you all had as much fun dining as I did cooking that evening! Thank you for your kind words. We have a fantastic Spanish wine dinner coming up in February with your name on it!!!

Bite Buff said...

It’s a great spot that just stays consistently good. Nice date night or girls night out restaurant.

Bite Buff said...

Thank you again for a fabulous experience!