Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brunch at Heck's Cafe

It has been quite a while since I've been to Heck's Cafe in Ohio City.
We dined there a couple of times for dinner, years ago, and had Delivermefood.com bring us some takeout once or twice. Tucked away off of the beaten path of West 25th Street in Ohio City, I think that we forget about it at times. Also, I've never had anything there for dinner that kept me really wanting more. We always had good burgers, sandwiches, and such, but nothing memorable. I do love their little garden room in the back of the restaurant, however!

I'm not sure why, but it popped in my head when we were looking for a last-minute brunch last weekend.
I thought that several of their brunch menu items sounded tempting when we looked online. Parking is free on the street, and we were seated right away even though it was prime brunch time.

I knew almost immediately that I wanted the Portabella Florentine with two cheese-stuffed caps, spinach, two eggs, and chimichurri ($9.50). I swapped the sunny-side up eggs for over-medium.
I really enjoyed the stuffed mushrooms, and I'd love to create something at home like this. The fresh fruit was a nice, refreshing side, but the potatoes were only okay. I could take them or leave them.

"R" had The B.B.Q (burger) with bacon, cheddar, and tobacco onions ($11). Heck's is known for having one of the best burgers in town, winning several awards. We've had a couple, and they are always good, but not "top burger" category, in my opinion. Tremont Tap House is still up there.

We were in and out in a short amount of time, without feeling rushed. Another big bonus in my mind? Cinnamon-flavored coffee! I wouldn't want it all the time, but occasionally it is such a treat.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much we liked the brunch there. I'd go back!

Have you been to Heck's? How do you think their burgers stack up against others in CLE?

Heck's Cafe
2927 Bridge Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113


Angel said...

Was this during the weekend? How is the ambiance?

Bite Buff said...

Angel- Yes, weekend brunch! We were seated in the small room in the middle of the restaurant. That room only has a couple of tables, and very little ambiance. The front section with booths has kitchen view, and back garden room is light and unique. That's the best room there.

Unknown said...

I thought Heck's burgers were fine - but I agree, probably a tad bit overrated. I've only been there once, and we must have sat in that same middle room. It was a little drab, but my main complaint is that our table, glasses, and silverware just didn't seem very clean...wasn't sure if anyone else had that experience. I'd give it a try for brunch though.

Bite Buff said...

Yuck, that's never good, Amanda B! Glad I'm not the only one not blown away by the burgers. Good, yes, great, meh.